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Maemo-Apps.org - Applicatons for the Maemo platform
 Aug 25 2016  
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Name:dani yksvonelk (m)
Birthday:Jan 4 1976
Job status:free
Country:Dresden, Germany
Email:Contact naaamo2004
Registered:Nov 20 2007
Last visit:Jan 20 2016

Ubuntu / Linux - Germany
GTKRC (themes)

Oct 25 2015 08:44naaamo2004 voted content "Bailero" up
Oct 7 2015 23:10naaamo2004 voted content "Antique" up
Jun 1 2013 01:21naaamo2004 voted content "Kde GAia Snow Pack" up
Jan 24 2013 00:36naaamo2004 voted content "Gaian qtcurve" up
Jan 20 2013 02:54naaamo2004 voted content "Diamond" up
Jan 20 2013 02:54naaamo2004 voted content "Razor Dust" up
Jan 20 2013 02:51naaamo2004 voted content "Sweet [QtCurve]" up
Jan 20 2013 02:51naaamo2004 voted content "Adwaitish (qtcurve)" up
Jan 20 2013 02:51naaamo2004 voted content "AugustCurrent (QT Curve)" up
Jan 20 2013 02:51naaamo2004 voted content "Eve" up
Jan 20 2013 02:50naaamo2004 voted content "Rosa Enhanced" up
Jan 20 2013 02:49naaamo2004 voted content "ZenCurve" up
Jan 20 2013 02:49naaamo2004 voted content "qtWolf qtCurve widget theme" up
Jan 20 2013 02:49naaamo2004 voted content "Amana4linux" up
Jan 20 2013 02:48naaamo2004 voted content "Elementary Luna - QtCurve" up
Jan 20 2013 02:48naaamo2004 voted content "Rosa Elementary 2012.1" up
Jan 20 2013 02:47naaamo2004 voted content "Blupenguin2013 (QT-Curve)" up
Nov 22 2012 23:52naaamo2004 voted content "DW32 Flat (qtcurve)" up
Oct 9 2012 19:16naaamo2004 posted a comment "Superb"
Oct 9 2012 19:15naaamo2004 voted content "Delta" up
Sep 27 2012 22:26naaamo2004 voted content "RAVE Wallpaper Collection 1" up
Sep 6 2012 19:59naaamo2004 voted content "Murky" up
Jul 16 2012 01:21naaamo2004 voted content "Mobarez" up
Jun 27 2012 02:37naaamo2004 voted content "Sui for QuantumStyle" up
Jun 27 2012 02:35naaamo2004 voted content "Ice cream Theme (QtCurve,Emerald,Chrome)" up
Apr 10 2012 23:44naaamo2004 voted content "full flat" up
Mar 6 2012 20:59naaamo2004 voted content "light" up
Mar 6 2012 20:59naaamo2004 voted content "Blue Pill" up
Feb 28 2012 23:31naaamo2004 is now fan of "kde-workspace-appmenu"
Feb 28 2012 23:31naaamo2004 voted content "kde-workspace-appmenu" up

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