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 Aug 29 2016  
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No Ubuntu Users Allowed!

Sindustries. org IRC

Annoyed with everyone thinking Ubuntu is gods gift to GNU/Linux? Ubuntu fanboism is becoming a disease. This group is dedicated to users of GNU/Linux and all of the *BSDs that know what "a Linux is" and know that FreeBSD is not a distribution of GNU/Linux.

Created:Jun 21 2010
Changed:Jun 21 2010
Readability:readable for everybody
Membership:everybody can join

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 New Groups... Old Story

 by marcaemus on: Apr 2 2011
Score 42%

I see by some of the newer groups that ubu (Canonical) is still indulging in its viral marketing. Boring.

... when all the worlds collide.
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 Re: New Groups... Old Story

 by ben2talk on: May 13 2011
Score 50%

Mostly I'm bored by having to include the term 'ubuntu' in search terms to get decent results - rather than 'linux' or 'debian'.

Actually, I'm a gnome addict - I can't relax with KDE, and I think the new Ubuntu desktop might be fine for Grandma, but it feels nasty to me - I do tend to completely re-design my desktop to use synapse, gnome-do, docky and for notifications and inidicators I use AWN.

Enuff said.....
Say Gnome more!

~The beginning is the word and the end is silence.
And in between are all the stories. This is one of mine~

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 gods gift?

 by nutellajunkie on: Apr 6 2011
Score 58%
nutellajunkienutellajunki e
n00bsonubunt u.net

I hardly think Ubuntu is gods gift, but if it wasn’t for it, there wouldn’t be literally millions of people coming to our wonderful pastures.

It lets people progress onto a fabulous operating system. Then when they are comfortable enough they can of course try out many other distributions. Isnt that the beauty of this?

Yes im a fan-boi
Yes I admin n00bsonubuntu.net

But I cant agree with anti-Ubuntu groups, surely that’s against important concrete ethics of our Linux and open-sourced world and minds?

Ubuntu, African for "I cant work Debian yet" ;)
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 all hail debian :)

 by goumba on: Apr 6 2011
Score 50%
sabacc portable

Hey, found this group while browsing themes. Awesome.

I started with Linux back in 1997 with Red Hat (forget what version was around then but it was early), and a year later went to SuSE. A year later again back to RH (at that time 6).

I took a long hiatus and switched to FreeBSD (there was just something about having to everything by hand at the time).

About three years ago I decided to experiment with Ubuntu on my iBook (gutsy, iirc) Ashamedly, I must admit that it brought me back into Linux. Something was still amiss however, and some time later I switched to Debian Lenny (in its final days of RC) on the 'book as en experiment, and wow, it was faster. That was the end of Ubuntu for me.

That's when I learned the truth: in the name of the user experience Canonical was trying to provide, it was like the Microsoft of Linuxes (I didn't say was, I said LIKE). I hate to say bloat, because that depends on the desktop and all (I see some state my favorite DE, GNOME is way bloated), but they just managed to slow it down. And it broke a lot (no surprise, based on unstable). Then they stopped maintaining certain ports (like powerpc). Sure, they've got a profit to make, but it just seemed anti-community.

From then on in, I've been seriously anti-Ubuntu. Its been pure Debian since Lenny and haven't looked back. Now everything is Wheezy and Squeeze(y) and great.

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 So what's the problem exactly?

 by Riao on: Apr 14 2011
Score 50%

I'm not sure I really understand what the problem is Ubuntu with here...
I'm not trying to get into a flamewar or anything; I'm sincerely trying to understand the complaint.

From what I've seen in the posts here, it doesn't look like the issue is with the distro itself, but with Canonical and the users. The only thing I see about Ubuntu itself is the brown theme, and that it is based on Debian unstable (which I don't think it is any more, is it?) The rest of the complaints here seem to be about Canonical being undeserved of its popularity and the users being, well, on the same level as Windows users I guess.

Okay, on the users argument I cannot say one way or another--I don't think I've ever gone to the Ubuntu forums, other than following a link from somewhere else, but even so, you say a lot of really harsh things generalizing them in one big lump. I really doubt that you are painting an accurate picture there.

I personally do not use Ubuntu, but I do use Mint on the majority of my systems, so I guess I might as well be using Ubuntu, really. But I am also running a few servers on Debian 6 stable. I use Mint on my other machines because I prefer a more "out of the box" experience on my day-to-day machines (particularly with the repositories Mint includes by default).

All that aside, I'm really just asking if you have any legitimate complaints about the OS itself.

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 Re: So what's the problem exactly?

 by nutellajunkie on: Apr 14 2011
Score 50%
nutellajunkienutellajunki e
n00bsonubunt u.net

i think you got the wrong idea dude haha!

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 Re: So what's the problem exactly?

 by goumba on: Apr 14 2011
Score 50%
sabacc portable

> From what I've seen in the posts here, it doesn't look like the issue is with the distro itself, but with Canonical and the users.

Ubuntu for some reason, be it added junk or whatever, is just slower than Debian Stable, or even Sid for that matter. This is of course in my experience on my ancient desktop (a P4/2.8GHz, now running Squeeze) and laptop (iBook G4 1.0GHz, running Wheezy), but the differences were very noticeable. My dual core Turion laptop uses Sid/Wheezy and I have no issues as far as stability (besides the GL screen savers segfaulting, but games are fine).

As far as the users, I see a lot of "you fix this for me, and fix it NOW" attitude, reminiscent of Windows users. Maybe that's the problem some Linux users have with Ubu users, but I speak only for myself.

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 My 2 cents

 by TyTiger on: Apr 21 2011
Score 50%

Ok.. Im only joining this to add my bit..

While everybody has their own equal right to their own opinion, I do think this is a little over the top to make a group about it if you ask me.

Considering you have started a group to hate the people who you feel push ubuntu in your face, it seems your becoming hypocritical by in return pushing your hatred in everyone else's face.

Yes ok, I do use Ubuntu myself, and i like it, though granted - I don't like the swap to Unity and a few other background stuff that now means allot of drivers wont work (again), but that;s what the package manager is for, isn't it?

But i do have some quoes/points in response to a few comments...

1. Ubuntu's Brown/Poo Coloured theme.
-- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Meaning if you don't like it, change it. As I and allot of people do. Blue is my favourite colour and that's what I make my theme.

2. Canonical Hyped up blah blah blah..
So? More people have switched to a Linux based OS thanks to this, Nobody's forced them to or rammed it down their throat like Micro$oft do, I for one can say I am one, my first taste of a Linux based OS was Ubuntu 5.10 and since then I've been hooked and now dabble in other distributions... I run Debian 6 on my server for example, and another uses the server edition for Ubuntu and a NAS that runs FreeNAS (BSD) which I can live with thanks to the similarities in the command line and an easy GUI - My choice :)

3. Everyone thinks Ubuntu is God's gift to the GNU/*nix
...While that may be the expressed opinion of a portion of humanity, I don't think it is that of everyone on the planet.
Again with opinions, Everybody has one, and their entitled to it, its your choice to listen or not.

Again im not saying your opinion is wrong, but I'm not saying its right either. Alas, sadly where there are beliefs/philosophy's/Opinions, there are extremists ready to shove it down your throat.

Kinda like Google fanboys who give the name as a canned solution response to everything, and treat you like your thick for daring to break the hermit code of conduct and ask a human being for help and assuming they may not have already ;)
-Besides, Google can only churn up the answer if the question has already been asked, so to stop people asking completely would defeat the whole object of it in the first place.

There's a Bi-directional reference there... think about it.


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 Believe it or not....

 by NikolaiRach1 on: May 7 2011
Score 50%
Envied Ubuntu Group

....but everthing is linux.

I use Gentoo, Slackware, Ubuntu and Fedora(It depends on the request and the work I have to do).

Don't talk about the linux definition if you don't know what you are talking about.

Everything depends on the final user. on his experience, skills and needs(E. g. If your are a newbie, you would prefer to use an simple, binary and easy-to-use distro, like Ubuntu od Fedora(I've ''converted'' tens people form Win/Mac in this way).

Linux allows you to choose the type of linux which is more suitable to you/ which let you do what you want.

If you say shit like ''Ubuntu is not linux'', everyone could just say the same thing about your distribution.


Conclusion:Don't say that it is just shit, if you are not able to use it or don't know what you are talking about.

''The Devil make me do that,but I'm the one who's proud of that''-N.R., in one of his rare moments of lucidity.
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