Among Us

With over 100 million downloads, Among Us is a highly popular sci-fi murder mystery game that revolves around a group of crew members working in a spaceship. A few imposters on the ship want to kill everyone on the planet/ship/base and sabotage the base. The other players of the game will have to find out the imposters.

You will be either an imposter or a crew member. In case you are the imposter, you will have to convince others by arguments that you are not imposters. The spaceship crew can find you anytime, so you have to act like a crew member. The voting system will be used to eliminate an imposter, and the person with the most number of votes will be removed from the game.

If you are a crew member, you need to complete the assigned tasks and find the base’s intruders. You can call the emergency meetings if you find an imposter or dead bodies. As these imposters are trying to kill the crew members, you will become a ghost if they kill you. You can still perform the tasks, but you cannot discuss or interact with other crew members.






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