Fortnite is a combative game where 100 players fight against each other. Player versus player and the winner is expected to be the last man standing having defeated all other players.

Fortnite is an action-packed game, with an estimated 125 million players. To become the champion on Fortnite, you must have succeeded in defeating the other 99 online players. The competitive nature of the game makes it more interesting, while you’re trying to defeat other players, one must also avoid getting caught by the storm, though there is a countdown to help players figure out that the storm is approaching.

Fortnite’s animation and graphics makes it more appealing to users, especially the younger ones. There is frequent release of updates by Epic Game and to unlock new items on Fortnite is totally free. Also, using the ‘Emote’ feature which can be activated during the game, gamers can make their Avatar dance. You can change costumes though you’ll have to make a purchase to enjoy this feature.






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