How to Download Truecaller Apk

So, you want to install the premium version of Truecaller? If yes, this article will show you how to download the premium version. Read the article to get acquainted with its features. After you install it, try to check the features of this premium version. You will be happy to know that it allows you to record and store up to 999 phone calls. With its premium version, you will also get to see who your contacts are calling.

Installing Truecaller Premium Gold APK

The premium version of Truecaller provides you with an incognito mode, which allows you to view callers’ information without being disturbed by ads. Unlike other call blockers, you can block unwanted numbers permanently. It also comes with advanced blocking capabilities, including auto-updates of the most spammy callers and block registered telemarketers. Whether you want to keep track of your incoming calls or block spammers, the premium version is a must have.

With over 250 million users worldwide, this app is one of the best tools for blocking telemarketers and blocking spam calls. Besides blocking unwanted calls, the premium version has many additional features, including call recording, flash messaging, chatting, and UPI payments. You can also backup your contacts in Google Drive to have a safe backup. With the premium version, you can also block unknown numbers. You can easily identify the caller’s name and location.

Installing Truecaller Premium Gold APK on your device will allow you to track unknown callers, block calls from unknown numbers, and see their photos. The premium version of the app gives you access to every feature of the original Truecaller application. It also enables you to set a default caller to identify unwanted callers. If you don’t want to use the premium version, you can download and install a free Truecaller mod APK.

Using Truecaller

Using Truecaller Apk on your Android device is an easy way to keep track of the callers in your contact list. You can easily check who calls you, check who viewed your profile and even record video calls. You can also set the app to notify you if someone has searched your name or number. Using the free version is sufficient, but for more premium features, you should get the premium apk. In addition, the premium version offers more features and you can use it to control which information is public. It also lets you control the privacy center and doesn’t have annoying ads.

The underlying concept of the app is crowdsourcing. The data is collected from millions of users and analyzed to make the most accurate match. The results are compared and each number is assigned a Truecaller ID. Once the matching process has completed, the number appears on your screen. With the app, you can block telemarketers and other unwanted callers. It also lets you search for unknown numbers and block them from your contact list.

After you’ve downloaded the app, install it on your phone. This may take a while. You should also install the application from your Google Chrome browser. If you download the apk from a third-party website, you’ll receive a warning when you open it. To avoid this, choose “Allow from this source” and then click “Install”. After installing the apk, you should be able to use it immediately. You can block anonymous numbers from the Truecaller app.

Another great feature of Truecaller is its ability to block telemarketing calls, advertisements, and spam. It also has the option of recording a video greeting for your calls. Additionally, the app has numerous customizations that can suit your needs. Truecaller has a reliable, secure messenger. You can even customize your messages to be sent to specific people, and hide them from the people you’re calling. If you want, you can even create customized greetings and send them to your contacts.


A number of features of Truecaller have made it more appealing for business users. Its new call reason feature allows users to leave notes in outgoing calls, which extends its Caller ID feature. Truecaller believes that this feature will increase pick up rates and engagement with customers. It also lets users see when a number tends to make more spam calls. In addition, it also offers a list of frequently contacted numbers and the time they typically call.

Other features include caller ID and contact checking. Truecaller allows you to set the status of contacts automatically, so you can see if the person is available or on a call. You can also set up a spam folder for any unwanted messages. To use the service, you need to set up Truecaller as your default messaging app. This way, you’ll have access to all your contacts and can keep tabs on your finances.

Truecaller’s call recording feature is available for Android users. The free version offers a 14-day trial, and a paid version gives you unlimited recording. However, you’ll need a separate app for iPhones. Truecaller has its own backup feature. It saves your call history, contact book data, block list, and other settings preferences. This feature is especially useful if your phone is lost or stolen.

The app also integrates with other apps. It can display information from your Messages app and Phone app. You can also find the phone number details of someone who is trying to contact you. You’ll even be able to translate the messages from other languages. Truecaller’s SMS Translate feature also has a handy search feature that allows you to filter unwanted messages from your inbox. This feature is available on Android devices and works with SMS and instant messaging.


Once you have installed Truecaller, you will be able to see the number of all your calls. Since this app works on your mobile phone, you can easily identify who has been calling you. It uses your phone number and other details to identify the caller. You can also backup the data to your Google driver to view it later. Once you have installed the app, you can see the latest calls and numbers that have been identified.

When installing the application, the first thing you need to do is to sign in to the app with your phone number. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be prompted to confirm your email address and phone number. If you’ve signed up with Google or Facebook, you can skip the tutorial and sign in directly. Once you’ve signed in, you can continue with the app’s installation by tapping the “GOT IT” button on the last screen. Once the installation is complete, you will need to enable caller ID and show notifications.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can block unwanted calls and texts. Truecaller also backs up your contacts to Google Drive, which means that you can easily restore them if you lose them. If you’re looking for a dialer replacement app, you can’t go wrong with Truecaller. Not only is it free to use, but it also provides chat and anti-fake news features. You should download the app for your Android device to avoid spam and unwanted calls.

To install the Truecaller app on your Android phone, simply download it from the Google Play store. In order to install it, you must enter the phone number in your device. Once installed, you’ll be prompted to accept the terms and conditions of the app. Afterwards, you can choose your default phone or configure the app to be your messaging app. This will allow you to monitor all your calls. Then, you can easily block spam calls and monitor your call history.


If you’re thinking of upgrading your Truecaller subscription, you’re in luck. Not only will you be able to see who’s calling without ever having to look at your phone, but you’ll also get a badge and the ability to read caller name information from your computer or laptop. You can sign up for either a monthly or yearly subscription to get all these features and more. The premium version of the app costs Rs 179 for three months and Rs 339 for six months. Purchasing a lifetime membership will cost you 2,500 rupees.

The annual subscription plan costs Rs 529. This is the same as the monthly subscription, but you’ll have fewer ads to deal with. In India, the yearly subscription plan costs Rs 529, which makes it more affordable. The monthly plan costs Rs 22 per month. Truecaller also offers a six-month premium plan that costs Rs 339. Depending on the length of your subscription, you can choose a subscription that works for your needs.

Truecaller is an excellent app for blocking spam callers, telemarketers, and robocallers. It also works as your main text messaging application, letting you schedule messages for future delivery and avoid SMS fees. While many telemarketers may charge you for SMS messages, Truecaller is free and is trusted by more than 300 million users worldwide. Founded in 2009 by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam, Truecaller aims to make communication safer.

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