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If you’re looking for a good VPN app, you can’t go wrong with X-VPN. This free version offers ad-sponsored servers for streaming. However, it’s not the best choice for torrenting, and the company’s privacy policies are strict. In this article, I’ll explain how to download X VPN and how it works. In addition, I’ll explain the downsides of this free version.

X-VPN offers ad-sponsored free servers

X-VPN’s server network covers 52 countries, with more than 5000 servers. The majority of these are bare metal, but a few are also virtual. Most of these are located in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the United States, though there is just one server in Africa and one in South America. Still, X-VPN’s servers have a good range of speed, reliability, and location for different purposes.

X-VPN has a free version for smartphones, as well as a seven-day trial for the premium version. While the free plan is ad-sponsored and has a 500MB monthly data limit, the premium version provides unlimited bandwidth, kill switch, and split tunneling. Premium users can also remove advertising from mobile applications, but the free version has one major limitation: a 500 MB data cap.

X-VPN also collects your data, such as timestamps, IP address, and device. This is not entirely privacy-friendly, as it may collect information related to your internet usage to help optimize the service. However, it is worth noting that X-VPN’s privacy policy is much more extensive than that of its competitors. While they do collect logs of your internet activity, the company maintains that these data are used only for troubleshooting and improving their service. This makes it an attractive option for many, but not those concerned with privacy.

X-VPN is very easy to use and has a well-designed GUI. Users can easily connect to the fastest server by selecting the ‘Recommended’ category and can search through their large list of servers. The server list is organized into a series of categories such as country, continent, and streaming platforms. X-VPN also offers kill switch and split tunneling for users who want to select servers for specific purposes.

X-VPN has a decent support system. Live chat support is available. While there are a few problems with the software, the service is generally responsive and reliable. If you have any problems, X-VPN has 24/7 live chat support to help you. You can also pay with PayPal, cryptocurrencies, or gift cards. X-VPN also unblocks a wide range of streaming services. Its massive server network should cover most of your needs.

X-VPN offers a mobile app that can protect every device in your home. With dedicated apps for Mac and Linux, you can connect to the service from any of your devices. The service also works on certain routers and flashed firmware for OpenWrt-based routers. You can download the app for your PC or mobile device and follow the prompts to install it. Once installed, select a server location and connect to the network.

Although X-VPN doesn’t specify which protocol you are using, the service works well with streaming services. It offers high speed on some servers and unblocks most streaming services. While X-VPN is expensive, it’s well worth the price. Its servers are good for streaming, but it’s not the best choice for torrenting. The only downside is that it’s not free.

X-VPN is good for streaming but not ideal for torrenting

The website for X-VPN is surprisingly straightforward, even if the interface could be more attractive. There’s a subscription option, an overview of the service’s servers, and a tab for affiliates. The only difference is the lack of information about the company itself. There is a link to the company’s parent company, Free Connected Limited, but there’s no information on how to get in touch with their support team. And there’s no packet inspection or other kind of security feature on the Windows client.

X-VPN is not perfect for torrenting or streaming, but its large server network can allow you to unblock Netflix. Unfortunately, it’s not ideal for downloading torrents, so the app’s speed is unacceptably slow. Although X-VPN’s speed is adequate for streaming and browsing, it’s not suited for torrenting. But you won’t find any streaming or gaming content on Netflix with this VPN if you’re using it for torrenting.

Torrenting is a risky activity, and a VPN will help keep your identity safe. Not all VPNs support torrenting. Before you purchase a VPN for torrenting, make sure to check its policy regarding torrenting on its website. Generally, a VPN will have a strict no-logs policy to protect your torrent activity. Some VPNs even have a kill switch that automatically blocks traffic whenever the user switches servers or if their connection is interrupted.

X-VPN has a large server pool and is compatible with most popular devices. While it doesn’t work in China, it does offer enough security to keep your data safe. Its speed is high enough to unblock Netflix and it’s compatible with all operating systems. The Chrome browser extension is also handy for unblocking streaming sites. Despite this, X-VPN isn’t the best choice for torrenting.

X-VPN doesn’t support P2P, which is a major drawback. Besides the speed issue, Betternet doesn’t have any other features to prevent P2P traffic. And SuperVPN’s clients don’t have a kill switch, so they’re probably logging your data. If you’re concerned about the privacy issue, you can always opt for NordVPN.

PIA VPN is another good option. It has many next-gen servers located in 84 countries. This allows you to connect P2P traffic on those servers. They also offer unlimited bandwidth, and fast speeds up to 10 Gbps. Moreover, their no-log policy has even been confirmed in court. However, if you’re concerned about privacy, Private Internet Access is not for you.

X-VPN has a kill switch that automatically shuts off the internet interface whenever you lose the VPN connection. This is a major feature for any VPN, as it prevents you from being tracked by authorities. However, X-VPN is still not the best choice for torrenting, despite its lack of a kill switch. The fact that the company’s headquarters is in Hong Kong makes it impossible for a user to assess whether or not their data is safe.

X-VPN has a strict privacy policy

X-VPN has a strict policy regarding privacy, and this is good news for users. The company claims to never log user data and only shares it when court orders are issued. While this is a good policy in many ways, it may not be right in all situations. If you’re worried about your privacy, you should look for a more private service. X-VPN’s strict policy may make the service seem safer than VPN Unlimited, which collects user information about you.

X-VPN uses the highest encryption possible (256-bit) for all of its traffic. Because it uses its own DNS servers, it’s unlikely that the VPN provider is keeping your browsing activities. In addition, this VPN does not use IPv6. It also has lousy customer support, with a lack of information on its FAQ page and a poor live chat. Therefore, we’d recommend looking elsewhere for a VPN service.

X-VPN offers a clean interface and a strict privacy policy. While this may be a turnoff for some users, you can rest assured that your data is safe with X-VPN. It doesn’t track you, but it does block your IP address. You can choose from the list of server locations. The user interface also offers toggle switches to control system start-up and application control. The former lets you choose which apps are allowed to use X-VPN and which ones shouldn’t. The latter is also good news for users who live in China.

X-VPN has a massive server network. The company has servers in more than 50 countries around the world, with servers in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Moreover, it has servers in eleven countries in Asia. X-VPN has a strict privacy policy and a good number of servers. However, there are free servers for people who don’t want to pay for the premium version.

X-VPN doesn’t support split tunneling, which is a major downside. The software does not support split tunneling on macOS. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but it is a concern. If you’re looking for a VPN service in China, make sure it supports split tunneling. The Windows client is compatible with split tunneling, but it isn’t supported by all devices. And the company’s website doesn’t mention whether it works in China. Nonetheless, if you don’t trust X-VPN’s privacy policy, you’ll be wasting your money.

X-VPN unblocks Netflix in four regions and is compatible with BBC iPlayer. While it does have some limitations, it performs quite well when streaming and unblocks Netflix in three countries. X-VPN has servers optimized for streaming. In the ‘Streaming’ tab, users can choose which server they want to use. But one major issue is that X-VPN only works on certain routers. Those that run OpenWrt have firmware that supports X-VPN.

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